Source languages: English, German and French

Target languages: English and German

Focus areas: travel/tourism; advertising/marketing; personal documents; literature; linguistics

All texts are dealt with personally, individually and with great creative and linguistic care, by a human translator (no machine translation!).



Languages: English and German

Material: advertising & marketing content that is not only translated but adapted in tone, style and context for a specific target market. The goal is to create a message that maintains the intent and ideas of the original in a way that smoothly fits in with and reflects linguistic, cultural and contextual elements of the target market. Specializing in Transcreation for Japanese and general Asian market.



Languages: English and German

Material: taglines, advertising copy, story boards, web page content, commercials, competitive presentations, newsletters, corporate communications


Copy Editing and Proofreading

Languages: English and German

Material: All text types from literary and academic to corporate, commercial and journalistic. Specializing in translated texts, especially from Japanese.


Creative and Journalistic Writing

Languages: English and German

Material: Feature articles, especially in the travel and cultural domain; travelogues; travel writing; book reviews; short stories


Linguistic Consulting

Languages: English and German

Expert advice on: product naming, competitive presentations, creative advertising concepts; language learning; research proposals and academic writing

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