Born in Germany, I left for (then) foreign shores 28 years ago, moving first to Paris for a few years, then on to Portland, Oregon. This was followed by a stint in Bristol, UK and a few  incredible years in Japan, a country which I still visit at regular intervals. I spent five interesting years in Silicon Valley, California, but after that it was clearly time to change to a more relaxed and outdoor/culture focused lifestyle and a move to beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Nowadays I work as a freelance translator, writer, copy editor and copywriter in the green North of England, in the Cevennes and Vancouver. Occasionally the world beckons beyond the scope of what a holiday or extended stay can accommodate, and Rodger and I will go off on an adventure, like exploring SE Asia, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for 16 months in 2008/2009. To read more about  my travels and the places I (have) call(ed) home, look here.


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